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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working, so that it does not break down unexpectedly. We strongly suggest performing system diagnosis on all boiler and heating equipment. Continued safe operation of your boiler equipment depends on regular maintenance and testing of your equipment and its operating and protective controls. Over time if these adjustments aren’t made, its much more likely that the boiler and heating units will have a breakdown usually at the worst time.


 Residential Service Agreements
One to Three Family Units
AdobePDFIconFour or More Family Units

Fritz Heating and Boiler Service provides comprehensive preventive maintenance plans for a wide variety of, Commercial and Residential Boiler Installations.

Although each installation is unique, we perform a list of common preventive maintenance procedures to ensure the most efficient and durable installations and service.

Your safety and well being is our top priority. Our preventive service options will:

  • Save Money & Headache Over Time and Have Peace of Mind
  • Prevent an Unexpected Breakdown of Equipment
  • Quick Emergency Response Time
  • Proper Documentation on All Boiler and Heating System Repair and Service
  • Maintain Clean Pipes and Flues for Boiler Efficiency
  • Maintain Boiler Pressure
  • Boiler Care and Maintenance
  • Carbon Monoxide Level Inspections

Call us to inquire about the best over all preventative maintenance program for your specific requirements.